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A fantastic dinghy excursion with an expert skipper to discover the sea of ​​South Sardinia.

Starting from the Tourist Port of Perd’e Sali with a well-equipped 7-meter dinghy, we will sail towards Santa Margherita di Pula. Along our way we will admire the many Spanish Towers present in the Sardinian coasts, each with its own story.
It will also be possible to immerse yourself in the waters under the promontory of Nora to admire the Madonna del Naufrago, an imposing statue located on the seabed, and admire from the sea the ruins of the ancient Phoenician city of Nora and the ancient Roman amphorae present on the seabed. .

We will continue our navigation towards Santa Margherita di Pula and whoever wants to can immerse themselves in the submerged sea caves, where our instructor will accompany you to visit the most particular caves and bathe in the natural pools.
We will continue towards the beaches of Chia, we will swim under the Capo Spartivento lighthouse in its depths accessible only by sea, to conclude the excursion to Tuerredda.

During our excursion it will be possible to admire the many animals found in this stretch of water, from the numerous fish, starfish to the most particular and rare birds that nest in these areas.
The excursion will be operated for half (morning and afternoon) or full day.

The boat excursion is carried out by ISULA DI RAIS FEDERICO – VAT number 04028330928

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